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You can order a copy of HAPPY FAMILIES now from your local bookshop or Amazon.

I’m delighted to announce that my new Janey Fraser novel AFTER THE HONEYMOON is to be published by Arrow (Random House) on May 22.

Here’s a glimpse:

Three couples. One honeymoon destination....

Emma never wanted to marry Tom, let alone go away without the children. But then the girls at work give her a honeymoon voucher. Enter Yannis, the local lothario...

Winston is the nation’s Keep Fit bachelor darling. Newspapers are agog when he marries Melissa, newly-divorced mother of two. But when her teenagers disrupt their honeymoon, his past is  revealed....

Rosie was homeless and pregnant when she arrived at the Villa Rosa, sixteen years ago, but now she’s the owner. Winston might not remember her, but she’s never forgotten him…

By the end of the week, none of their lives are the same.  But what happens after the honeymoon?

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'I read it without stopping all the way home. Sincerely meant and rings true and homey. Unputdownable.'

Fay Weldon

'A must read for anyone who has small children or knows them. Hugely enjoyable. '

Katie Fforde

‘Terrific story and enormous fun. Also the characters were all great. I really, really enjoyed it.’

Judy Astley

'A lovely book. I really, really enjoyed it. It has a sparkle, a lightness of touch and a deep, true charm.
Written from the heart.'

Elizabeth Buchan