Time for a Holiday? Make Summer 17 Sensational!

One of my favourite jobs of the year is planning the summer holiday – deciding where I want to go but also how I can do the most on a budget. While we all want a holiday of a lifetime, sometimes the budget doesn’t stretch that far. But there are some great places to go and some amazing things to do that don’t have to cost unbelievable amounts of money.

Make the most of the location

One approach to enjoying a luxury holiday on a budget is to go somewhere amazing and to then use a combination of good quality hotel and luxury excursions to make it a holiday of a lifetime. Venice is one of those places for me and if riding along the canals is something you’ve always wanted to do, then look for a good deal on the hotel and the flight then save some budget for that special canal trip.

New York is another place where you can get the best of the city without paying top price for everything. There are hundreds of hotels in the city so you can stay somewhere that’s a good standard but not luxury and then enjoy the best dining, take in a Broadway show or visit all the big attractions. Don’t worry about going all-inclusive either in the city as there are thousands of eating places!

Go somewhere luxury but unusual

Another option is to go for a luxury vacation that is somewhere a little unusual, not on the top vacation spots lists. Croatia is one example of this – a stunning country that offers great beaches, beautiful scenery and historic towns but isn’t as popular with tourists as Spain or Greece.

Another example a little further away is Sri Lanka. A friend of mine went there instead of popular regional locations in India and had the most amazing time. Riding an elephant along a beautiful beach is a great thing to do – especially where there aren’t queues of other tourists waiting for the same ride!

Egypt is a stunning country that has experienced some bad times recently and while there are some parts of the country to avoid, other areas are still safe. The government there is trying to make the country a budget luxury location so there are some really good prices to be found. Just make sure you follow advice from our government about where to go and where not to.

Do something amazing

If a whole luxury holiday isn’t on the cards, then you could go somewhere and do one amazing thing that you always wanted to. For example, sports fans could plan a dream trip around a top sporting event such as the Monaco Grand Prix or watching England football team play in the World Cup.

You could even go somewhere in the UK to see one of the many amazing attractions we have here. Think about places in London such as Buckingham Palace, often open around August time – you can get great deals on hotels and cut out the long flight to get there!