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Janey Fraser, author of The Playgroup

The Playgroup by Janey Fraser

Are your kids at playgroup or pre-school as they’re called now?

If so, you’ll love my new book called THE PLAYGROUP which is being published in paperback by Arrow (Random House) this February for £6.99.

Take three adults and mix them with a group of under-fives at Puddleducks Playgroup.

What do you get?

A steaming story about love, envy, laughter and tears. Gemma, the young acting playgroup leader has a secret which could wreck someone else’s life.

Nancy, a panicky first-time mum needs to save her child – and her marriage. Joe, the handsome, moody new head of Reception has to learn some lessons himself before he can pass them onto his class.

Then little Lily, the daughter of a celebrity singer, goes missing and Danny, her small friend is diagnosed with the kind of illness that every parent dreads.

Will they all pull through? All is revealed when Puddleducks Playgroup puts on its annual nativity Christmas play – with an unexpected ending.

There’s lots of fun, humour and romance but, as one reviewer said, ‘it will also make you hold your breath until the last page’.


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